1. What is Amelia Songs?

Amelia songs is a full service music company. Our services cover the management of talents, administration of publishing, licensing and the general protection and exploitation of musical works.

2. How do I Work with Amelia Songs?

If you’re a musical creator, you can hear or send us an email with your personal details, list of musical works and your contributions to same. An Amelia Songs team member would reach out to you afterwards.

3. Does Amelia Songs Sell Records?

One of our services is ensuring our clients get placements on records with the biggest artists across the globe. We protect and look out for the interests of all our talents.

4. How Does Amelia Songs Ensure I Get Exposure as a Producer?

With over a decade of experience servicing some of the biggest musical creators in Africa, we understand the importance of ensuring our talents are in the limelight and we have mechanisms in place to push the talents we represent further.